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Net Worth of

Journey From young girl to outstanding woman

Ivanka Trump

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850 Million Dollar

Annual Income & Salary 66 Million Dollar

Net worth

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She mostly engages herself in the boardroom rather than on the party circuit.


Time Management

After collage, she started working for Forest City enterprises as a Project Manager

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During her early school days, she started modeling but only did it on holidays/ weekends. She was also co-hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant

Passion & Profession since  early age

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She was a model for Tommy Hilfiger, Sasson Jeans, and Versace and was also featured in Seventeen in 1997

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Favorite  Car

She loved cars since her childhood and her favorite is the Mercedes 220 SE ponton

She mostly spends huge money on the Art Collection and a Healthy lifestyle rathe than Lavish life.

Art collection

Election Role Model

She was a senior advisor to her father and played a vital role during his presidential election

The journey  So far...

Even after many achievements she is working hard and growing her fortune with her husband.

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