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Real estate sector is in a Boom

In India, real estate is one of the second employment generated segments which plays a vital role in GDP. Presently, the real estate sector is in the boom in India especially post COVID because of a few major reforms

  1. Changing in Government policies
  2. Timely Possession
  3. Technology adaptation
  4. Digitalization
  5. Easy to get the property details anytime
  6. New sales techniques
  7. Focused on Branding and way of Communication

Indian Government also has an emphasis on the real estate sector and in the last few years, they are rapidly changing in their policies for ease of transaction.

Timely Possession

Earlier there was a time when buyers have to wait a lot to get the final finished property but nowadays developers are giving possession on the given deadlines.

Technology adaptation

There is a massive change in terms of adoption of the technology like updated construction equipment, separate IT department, use of user-friendly software & systems, timely construction updates to the buyers, and after-sales service. These will also lead to saving the developer’s time and being able to match the given possession deadline.


Digitalization plays a vital role nowadays. Buyer and developer both are comfortable and connect easily. Few developers are very serious to change the whole sales method and moving towards digitalization where the buyer can book/sell their property online. Hence it will take some time but slowly and gradually this will be the future of the Indian real estate market.

Easy to get the property details anytime

There was a time when a person has to visit on-site and without that, they have any information but nowadays one can easily access and see the actual picture of the project, developer’s details, Project legality, and much more which will be very easy for a buyer to finalize the things and to take a final call.

New sales techniques

The whole perspective of the sales techniques changed during and after COVID. A salesperson nowadays presents the whole project their actual progress and other required details through the video/ zoom/ Google app which saves a lot of time for buyer and seller. Secondly, in terms of service also there are many changes like online payment services, helpdesk facility & it’s now more organized

Focused on Branding and way of Communication

Developers are putting their best efforts to gain the trust of their buyer and now more conscious for their Brand. Running Advertisement campaign, Digital Campaign, consciousness towards the customer service. Quality of project, designing and tone of voice. Everything changed drastically.   

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