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Attitude towards your Goal

Do you think your goals are set and you are all geared up to work on them? Any Ideas or strategies or ways in your mind to support your objective/goals? Are you confident enough that you are on the right path?

So easy to get off the path and to get all wrapped in stuff in your everyday routine and in your busy schedule. Hope you get my point on what I want to convey? I know, my objectives/goals are decided but I have been off track with that. When you do set goals and establish ways to get where you want to go, how do your strategies stick to your decided track?

When your goals are clear and you understand very well what you want to achieve, it is very easy to plan out the strategy to achieve them. In fact, the reality is that only you can take the control of your goal when you “stop doing things” that you are doing. Look at your life with a pure heart and see the real inside picture right now? How do you feel and it looks like what? Your strategy/ step is working for today, Did you plan out nicely and stick to that or not? are these steps boosting you toward your goal? What you did do today will show the picture later? then how you can stay on track? I will explain to you the simple 2 steps to stay on track toward your goals/objective

  1. Coaching / Mentoring

Hire only one coach / mentor which is one of the effective ways to stay on track toward what you desire and what you want to achieve in your life. The mentor can guide you or helps you to open your eyes to the right path. They can tweak your game easily. There are many types of coaches and mentors whatever your goal is. For any goal, from losing your weight to a personal relationship to your professional career or business. selecting the right one for you. If you can’t afford one report to someone that you trust. It helps you and ensures that you do what you are supposed to be doing towards your goal achievement. Many examples of successful people who have mostly coaches. They have a coach that tweaks their game easily because what you know is that sometimes they know you better than yourself. I don’t know all the millionaires but those I have met had a coach/mentor. right mentorship will change their whole game and boost them to work crazily towards their objectives.

  1. Sangat (Group of people)

Make a relationship / Join a community of like-minded people that have a kind of similar goal. There are many organizations/clubs out in your own community. If you can’t find out them then check online, there are all types. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can accelerate your steps toward your objective/goal. This helps surround yourself with reinforcement of your goal. It holds you accountable and at the end you also feel like something is happing in your life and indirectly, they also help you to create an atmosphere that will boost you to achieve your goals.

A great many people become derailed on their objectives sooner or later. When you wind up out of control, ask yourself what I’m doing at present? Is it towards or away from my ideal objective? When you begin to make a move on your main concerns, you will acquire certainty. You will have additional time and power. You will feel like you are strolling on water.

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