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How to use the “Law of attraction” to change your life forever

Do you know somebody who always appears to make the best of the circumstances? Someone who excels at the process of #manifestation (the action or outcome of bringing about change via the movement of consciousness)?

You might have even been a little envious of the person since it seems like they have everything and seem to acquire it all with no work, as if they were “fortunate” from birth. It’s about time you realized that each of us possesses the ability to manifest, and it’s up to you to find out more about it.

Understanding attracts abundance. #Manifesting is a skill that anyone can have, just like any other. It takes time and dedication to master and perfect skills like playing an instrument or cooking fine cuisine. And so has the ability to manifest. How well you learn the talent and how well you use it will determine how good you become.

Even while some of us are better at certain things than others, that doesn’t imply that the rest of us can’t get better or even outdo someone else’s talent with practice. Some people appear to have mastered it so thoroughly that they frequently lack conscious awareness of their actions. Now that they can manifest wealth so easily, it seems “natural” to them, much like how a trained pianist appears to play the piano without conscious thought or effort. They come to fully accept the notion that they merely deserve something; it has come to be a part of their reality. These people appear to have been “fortunate” from birth. They did not arrive there by accident!

How can you begin the process of attracting wonderful things for yourself and the people you care about? The first stage is to gain a fundamental understanding of the “Law of Attraction.”

The first step to attracting abundance into your life is to have a solid understanding of how the “law of attraction” functions. Your reality is entirely up to you. When you learn to focus or attract yourself on things, like wealth, chances, and #happiness, you can attract such things into your life. You must develop positive beliefs and thoughts about the things you want in order to achieve this. You surely also know someone who constantly thinks negatively and will focus on having less (hopefully not you!). They are drawn to having “less,” not “more.” You won’t ever notice any features of your job that can be satisfying if all you think about is how much you despise it. If you keep focusing on the “not having” of that something, you must realise that simply wanting it won’t bring it to you. It’s possible that you have personally encountered the “not having” mindset and discovered how it thwarted your genuine objectives.

Instead of setting nebulous goals like “earning more money” or “getting more wins,” you must learn to concentrate on a specific thing or scenario. For instance, concentrating on #winning the lotto is a pointless endeavor. Although some people win lotteries by accident, concentrating on winning the lottery is somewhat akin to concentrating on “not having.” Strangely enough, a lot of people who put their focus on winning naturally imagine what they could do to help others, even if many of those ambitions might already be fulfilled on a smaller scale with their current earnings. However, they don’t. This is likely a result of their attention being drawn to what they consider to be their “not having” or “having so little.” With this mentality, they come to believe that those dreams are only possible by luck.

As an example, I have several respectably compensated professionals in my network who frequently affirm to me that they too would sponsor an international foster child if they were to win the jackpot. They worry that living on $1 a day will put them in financial straits in the event of an emergency, such as an unanticipated auto repair. Instead of supporting a child in need, their focus is on “not enough.” No matter how much money they have, it will never be enough as long as they are focused on “not enough.”
Even just discussing sponsoring a child brought out their concerns. It would be wonderful if people could have faith that assisting a poor youngster in a third-world country wouldn’t put them in financial danger.

Therefore, I would advise these professionals who want to sponsor a child but feel they really can’t, to concentrate on picturing a hungry child being fed by their gift and perhaps receiving a lovely letter from that child, complete with a photo to be proudly displayed among other family photos. This would be a constructive notion or image to make that vision a reality. Consider discussing it with the rest of the family to see what they could give up to earn that extra $1 per day. The process of learning how to create their life begins with this. The first step is the same for everything in life, including riches and fulfilling relationships.

Is it now your turn to take advantage of every circumstance? Is it now your turn to be viewed as “fortunate” by others? Is your soul injured or deficient because you are unable to manifest life? Would you wish to discover how to manifest existence in its entirety? It’s time to act because you deserve it.

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