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A New Way Of Thinking

A New Way Of Thinking To Make Your Own Identity

Are you working professionally but can’t stand it? You are thinking about quite a job but are afraid. Many times people discuss with me questions like: I want to do something different and want to out of my present job. How can I speed things up so I can quit and make my own way?

The best way to shorten the time spent in a negative situation is to focus on all the positives you can. Very Simple. everyone can do some wonders but finding out that things create all the difference. If you can find something to appreciate–even if it’s appreciating a regular paycheck that DOES cover some of your essentials–you will begin to feel better and your focus on that task/work may increase after a few appreciations. You don’t want to do a compromise in that. You totally attached your soul to that. As you feel better, you’ll find it easier to notice another thing you appreciate about your professional career.

Think, if you can’t find a single positive aspect of your present work? If you don’t change the way you feel from your current job, you will simply attract another miserable job. Am I wrong? Think.

“Sometimes it’s easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting.”
-Jo Berry, author

One day I thought about quitting smoking. No matter how much I thought about quitting, I had not made it through one day in over ten years without a cigarette. (Now, by understanding how the Law of Attraction works, I can see that I was reinforcing it by “pushing against” a habit.)

If we started to ACT LIKE what we wanted to be or do, then our thoughts and feelings would follow and we will be in that zone where we find ourselves totally attached to that thing and the same thing happened to us. I understood that I could quit smoking by acting like a non-smoker. Of course, the next question was, “How does a non-smoker act?” “What does a non-smoker do with their hands?” The answer: “They fold their hands and do other things but not found at least a cigarette in their hand.” I figured that folding my hands when I wanted a cigarette was symbolic as well as appropriate! And it works. I haven’t had or wanted a cigarette for a long.

Now same thing, Instead of trying to change the way you think about your job, begin to get a picture of yourself acting like you enjoy THIS job. ACTING in a new way then notice how much better you feel.

Soon you’ll find yourself in a more positive, energetic, focused, feeling place and offering a new vibration that will either attract different situations in your current situation or work in a new place that feels great!

Rebecca Hanson is a Master Law of Attraction Coach and Thousands of people have enjoyed her talks or articles about real-life experiences and how she found the “nugget of truth” in every situation. Now she has such a deep grasp of how faith, beliefs, and thinking work that she can lift others to a higher level, very quickly.

Rebecca has also written a book called, “Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!”

So last, I would like to end up with this point that everything is within us our job is just to know our own potentiality and act in that manner, Initially, nature will examine your ability (struggle period) and after a point, the same nature will be in your favor and all the things will be in your support.

Find yourself within yourself and you will reach a top that not even you dreamed ever!

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