You are currently viewing 5 Points that help you to understand the minimalistic concept

5 Points that help you to understand the minimalistic concept

What is the #minimalistic concept? There’s something unique about minimalism that’s why nowadays everyone is talking and moving towards the minimalistic concept. Maybe we call simplicity or the promise of more focus and less distraction in their designs or product. Maybe the design or product will look more shuttles, neat, and clean with a clear message For a few #Minimalism highlights/symbols of luxury, to differentiate their personality and they find that they have more time and energy to focus on the things that matter. Whatever the case may be, minimalist concepts are a hot subject nowadays – whether it’s a minimalist #lifestyle, #design, #architectural concept, #interior & decor, graphics, packaging, or #fashion. If you’re interested to understand how we can be a different by using minimalism then simply check out the below 5 steps.

FONTS: Fonts are playing a vital role and ideally, people are choosing that type of font that will be very neat and clean so that it creates a good impact, and readability and is easy to connect with people.

FONT STYLE: In minimalistic, for the header, one can choose Italic or Bold type by giving letter space and for the subheader, the Font style should be normal and give a letter space that will be more impactful. Ignore the font styles which are heavy bold (In case of one word or less content one may select bold style) ignore underlines and keep the maximum negative space in your design. I will provide you few of the types of fonts which will work with this concept.

Monstserrat classic, Cormorant Garamond Mc, Glacial indifference, Railway, Radley, Livvic

DESIGN: The design should be having maximum negative space. Sometimes one can use only one or two words and then keep the space clean.

COLORS: Colors are playing a vital role when we are talking about minimalism. Ideally, the light color gives a luxurious feel and if you choose light background then the color of your fonts should be in contrast matching.

CONTENT: In this concept, your word speaks more than your design so one has to be more clear on the content part which will be very easy to understand and connect with others and at the same time very catchy where one can feel something special by using your design or product.

So considering the whole idea of minimalism we can say Minimalism is a design philosophy that avoids the use of anything unnecessary. Although it’s a very wide subject where detailing matters a lot and it’s not easy for every designer to visualize and understand the concept in a short one sentence I can say minimalism means “Be More with less”

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